Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Folks, let’s talk folk music. Having seen the Indigo Girls live four times, I can safely say I’m a fan. In this age of lip-syncing no-no’s (unless you’re on Rupaul‘s drag race, then, baby, you better lip-sync for your life!), Amy Ray and Emily Sailers deliver epic live performances every time.

indigo girls

One of my favorite albums will forever be 1994’s Swamp Ophelia. (It’s a long story involving my best friend and I discovering the duo after our high school English teacher insisted we go out and find this album by the “Indigo Sisters.”) In the spirit of summer–and because I just got an invitation to my (mumbles numbers)teenth high school reunion–I present to you a great deep cut from Ophelia, “Reunion.” Written by Ray, she has said that after talking with former classmates at a reunion who thought her fame was much more impressive than what they were doing that “…rather than talking about things they are proud of in themselves, they talked about a lot of negative things in their lives…and that bummed me out, because I’m really into what other people are doing with themselves.”


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