Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

There are bands and then there are SUPER bands. Genesis flies confidently in the latter category, its cape flapping in the breeze. With a slightly rotating roster, the band has been around since it formed in 1967, releasing 15 studio albums through 1997 and selling about 21.5 million albums worldwide.

genesis peter gabriel

And did I mention the members? Maybe you’ve heard of Peter Gabriel? He and fellow original bandmates Mike Rutherford, Chris Stewart, Tony Banks, & Anthony Phillips, met in school and began writing music. All would later go on to successful solo careers. Oh, and in the late 70s, Gabriel would leave and be replaced by then-Genesis-drummer (a guy you might know), Phil Collins, who would sing lead on the bands 1976 album A Trick of the Tail.

genesis confusion

Fast forward to 1986 when the band (still led by Collins) would release its biggest hit to date, Invisible Touch. The album spawned five top-five singles in the U.S. including the incredible “Land of Confusion” with its political themes and a music video you must see if you haven’t.  “Confusion” was the third single released, and on its b-side was another great song, “Feeding the Fire.” So without further confusion, let’s feed the fire…of your desire. For more Genesis. Enjoy!

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