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Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Before Björk was Björk, she was part of a pretty great Icelandic alternative band known as The Sugarcubes. The band was formed in 1986 and, much to their own surprise, had a hit right out of the gate with their debut album Life’s Too Good.


Of course, Björk was a recording artist before and long after The Sugarcubes, recording her first album at 11. By the formation of The Sugarcubes, she’d been a part of at least two other bands and released four albums from those ventures (if you’re counting, that’s five albums.) But it was The Sugarcubes who would bring her to our doorsteps.


The group released three albums–the first and last receiving critical acclaim, and all three charting on the Billboard 100. The group disbanded amicably after the release of their last album, Stick Around for Joy. And appropriately enough, it would be that last album–and a song called “Hit”–that would provide them their first of two Billboard number 1s (“Hit” was number 1 on the Modern Rock charts and “Leash Called Love” was number 1 on the Dance charts.) Here’s my favorite track from their Life’s Too Good, “Birthday.”

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