Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

As the sun sets in my little part of our world, I feel the need to listen to a little mellow jazzy/hip hop/ambient sound that will go nicely with my can glass of wine. I’m a bit tired, so I don’t have the energy to make a new mixtape right now. I need an album that, to me, is perfection from front to back. That’s a tall order…but Portishead is equal to the task.


In late summer of 1994, this electronic/jazz/hip hop English trio of Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons, and Adrian Utley arrived on the scene with their debut album, Dummy, and we were all better for it. And whether or not you’ve heard the album (you’re about to), and regardless of how much you know about Portishead or Dummy, you know the song, “Glory Box.” Go ahead, check it out. I’ll wait…

See? Yeah, the song is an aching, blues-influenced masterpiece that’s been in the background somewhere in your life before. And probably more than once. The whole album is just like that. Gibbons vocals slinking across those beats and strings and scratching vinyl is…well, just grab your favorite wine can and take a listen.

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