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Here are my thoughts on Depeche Mode: I. Love. Them. One might say “I Just Can’t Get Enough.” Sorry, I can’t stop myself. (And, after all, “People are People”…ho! Somebody stop me. Please.) If you’re still reading, then know this…I could fill five hundred articles with great deep cuts from Depeche Mode. But let’s start at the beginning.

depeche mode

The English synthpop/electronic/rock (so many wonderful areas of expertise) band released their debut album Speak and Spell in 1981 and have never looked back. No, but seriously, they just released their 14th studio album and are touring, probably in your city, right now.

The album spun off two singles, “New Life,” and “Just Can’t Get Enough.” And–yeah I’m gonna go there–I just can’t get enough. But it’s the following single on that album, “Any Second Now,” (not to be confused with the other great version of the song on the same album with vocals) that remains a favorite and a perfect example of the cutting edge style they’ve always had. So enjoy. And if you wanna share this article (and my site) with friends, you’d be my own Personal Jesus. (Ok. I’m sorry. Just listen. It’s good…)


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