Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

I have my own personal set of mixtapes (“playlists” for the younger fans of all this glorious music). One of my tapes/lists is called “Best Songs Ever” and it contains only songs that I will never tire of and, over decades of regular play in my home/car, have continued to be way. It’s a prestigious club (and by “prestigious” I mean only me and my cat are members…)


One song that will forever remain on that list is by a talented artist you as Martika ,whose career flawlessly stretched over the 80s and 90s. She began as a child actor on a fun show, Kids Incorporated, which I adored. In 1988, she released her self-titled debut and had an immediate hit with “Toy Soldiers.” In ’91, she released Martika’s Kitchen, which featured four songs written and produced by Prince, including this top 10 hit, which remains a staple to Martika’s fans, especially me. And my cat. (I feel you judging.) Enjoy, as I have a billion times over!

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