Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Before Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, you had to either go online and order an album or fight the crowds at the store. (Getting your dinosaur out of the garage was the worst part.) For us music nerds (and completist snobs), one of our favorite things to do was track down singles (in CD and cassette form) which typically contained rare gems like b-sides and remixes.

Today, however, one need only jump online to find any and everything available (or let others–like this blog!–do the leg work of tracking it all down!) But back to the days before bread was sliced…


One of my favorite singles (which I owned on cassingle and featured the b-side “Taxi”) was by British trio Soho, led by twin sisters Jacqui Cuff and Pauline Cuff. The song, “Hippychick,” off their 1990 release Goddess would reach number 2 on US dance charts and 11 on the alternative charts. In addition to the Sisters Cuff and their silky vocals, it featured samples by both The Smiths “How Soon is Now” and Soul II Soul’s “Back to Life,” making it a great song and a buffet of cross-genre goodness. So sit and feast!

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