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Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Everyone knows the catchy tune “Stay (I Missed You).” Written by the multi-talented Lisa Loeb, who rose to fame when the song was featured on the soundtrack to Reality Bites, a film for and about the MTV generation. If you haven’t seen it, go now. I’ll wait…

reality bites

It’s a great song. It propelled Lisa Loeb into the spotlight. And, now, some consider it a “one hit wonder.” (For my feelings on the subject, see my first “Second-Hit” blog.) Regardless, I beg to differ…

Lisa’s first full-length album, Tails, which was released the year after her success with “Stay,” featured one of our favorite songs which jumped into the top 20 on the Billboard charts. Her next album, Firecracker, featured the single “I Do,” another top 20 hit for her. In total, she’s released eleven albums! (And don’t get me started on her children’s albums, reality show, t.v. appearances, eyeglass frame line, or her coffee line!) I want to be that kind of “one hit wonder.”

So, in case you forgot, check out Lisa’s second hit, from Tails, “Do You Sleep.”

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