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Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Snuggle in, friends, for nigh’ is upon us, and I’ve got to work early so I can keep my cat in the lifestyle to which he’s become accustomed. (Seriously, he’s a complete burden.) Before we shut the lights off (or blow out the candles if you’re reading this on your laptop in 1845), I thought I’d revisit an interesting pair of t.v. cameos by the quirky quintet known as Devo.

If you’re younger or a geek or both, you probably recall an episode of Futurama where the group is parodied as sewer mutants playing for their kin. Mark Mothersbaugh, one of the remaining original members of Devo, voiced himself. After refusing to play “Whip It” by the crowd’s request, he turns to his band mates and states, “Play the other one.”

futurama devo

While that was a squeal-inducing moment for geeks everywhere, I’m gonna ask you to dig a bit deeper into your memory, kittens, and recall a little comedy called Square Pegs about the day-to-day struggle of group of high school freshman (and featuring a fresh-faced Sarah Jessica Parker). The show was a sort of precursor to all those delightful John Hughes movies that would soon follow. It only aired for a single season from 1982-83, so maybe you didn’t catch it. Either way, if you’re a fan of Devo, you’ll definitely enjoy this weird, wonderful clip!

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