Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

Welcome to Let’s Make Mixtapes! I’m Rudy, and I’ll be your captain as we sail the calm waters of your past and reminisce over an ice cold Zima (those are back btw) and relive days gone by. I’m obsessed with the 80s and 90s (primarily music, though I’ll probably spread my wings to film and t.v. when the mood strikes…) I’m gonna take you back to the stuff you remember (and maybe a few things you’d like to forget.) My goal is more of a “where are they now?” type blog and less of a “Taylor Swift is totes amazeballs!” That is, if they were around in the 80s and are still selling out stadiums, I’m not gonna spend a ton of time on ’em. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great albums from artists still kicking ass today, but I want to give fair due to those artists who are also still kicking, you may just not know it. So breathe in the Aquanet and throw on your parachute pants (and flannel, you wonderful grungy 90s kids!) because you’re in for one helluva ride!

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