Let's Make Mixtapes

Keeping your childhood pop icons alive…even the ones you thought were dead.

The term “one hit wonder” is a bit misleading…at its core, it simply means that an artist achieved mainstream success on the wings of one single, but failed to do much more in the public eye. We don’t like the term because it implies the artist went off to live under a bridge and scare small children. We’d like to do our part and remind you of a second hit by these artists, and to confirm they are not trolls. At least not openly.


Remember Deee-Lite? That poppy jangly hit “Groove is in the Heart” had us tappin’ our toes as lead singer Lady Miss Kier crooned and spit out her signature tongue blurple (I totally didn’t make that name up) thing mid song, and we all blurpled along while Jungle DJ Towa Towa and Supa DJ Dmitry spun beats and worked it in silver catsuits and bellbottoms. The world didn’t hear much from the band after that, but they hung around for two more albums. In total, they reached number 1 SIX times on the U.S. Billboard Dance from 1990-1995. So whether you owned their debut record, World Clique, or you were poor like me and recorded it from the radio onto your best Maxell 90-minute cassette, chances are good you were a fan. And chances are good you remember the second single off that hit record, “Power of Love.” While the single only reached 47 on the Billboard 100 chart, it was the second number 1 dance song for the group.

Let’s all put on flowered-astronaut helmets and remember a time when we believed in something…

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